About us
Anhui Xinyuanda Group is a diversified group covering wood and plywood processing and sales, the design, R&D, production and sales for solid wood cabinets as well as import and export trading. The group consists of Xinyuanda Wood Co. Ltd., Xinyuanda Cabinets Co. Ltd. and Anhui Hiecise Spring Trade Co. Ltd.
Holding the concept of ¡°Innovation and Broadness¡±, Xinyuanda aims to create an innovative and open corporation with broad mind and sincere service.
From the very establishment till now, the group is building a world-class standard production system by improving the production management, working efficiency and quality of products. With an investment of 30 million US dollars, the group has completed an 80000/year cabinet production project covering 160 acres. With imported production equipment and modern management system, the products have achieved national and international production standard including, ISO9001, ISO14001 quality management, CARB II standard and CE marking. Meanwhile, the group focuses of its R&D development and has obtained several patents in recent years.
With the main force of Xinyuanda Wood Co. Ltd. and Xinyuanda Cabinets Co. Ltd., the group insists in its own brand building by developing multiple industry chains.
The group has been honored with various awards including ¡°861 Provincial Important Enterprise¡±, ¡°Leading Industrialized Forestry Enterprise of Anhui Province¡±,¡±Contribution Enterprise of Forestry Industry of Anhui Province¡±, ¡°Leading Industrialized Agricultural Enterprise of Anhui Province¡±, Reputed Trademark of Anhui Province¡± and ¡°Contribution Enterprise of Forestry Industry of China¡±.
The group sticks on its way of international development. It aims to create a leading enterprise by integrating all sorts of resources to compete in global markets with high-quality and environmental products. The group now has a large customer base and broad distribution channels in the U.S. and European markets.
Xinyuanda Group focuses on every detail of product and subtle feelings of every customer. In the coming future, the group will carry on providing high-quality, personalized and environmental product for customers all over the world.
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